XT808 Tactical Flashlight Review

The XT808 Tactical Flashlight is a powerful, multi-functional flashlight capable of putting out 800 lumens, more than enough to provide ample light in any outdoor setting. We recently purchased the XT808 flashlight from Primitive Survivors so we could test out just how powerful this flashlight really is.

Read on to learn more about this new tactical flashlight and discover whether or not it’s worth buying or not:

XT808 Flashlight – Initial Thoughts

Our initial thought about the XT808 flashlight was actually out of pure shock. Primitive Survivors wasn’t kidding when they said their flashlight was bright. It’s enough to temporarily blind someone in the right setting, which is probably why Primitive Survivors advertises the flashlight as a useful non-lethal source of personal protection.

We also thought the case was a nice touch, seeing as how you can bang up and lose a flashlight pretty easily. The case protects the flashlight and enables you to carry the light around without the risk of losing it, so it was an added bonus in our opinion.

XT808 Tactical Flashlight Features & Specs

Our initial thoughts are great, but what you probably care about are the features & specs. We found the features & specs directly on the website, and here are the most important details about the XT808:

  • 5.1 inches long (extends to 6.18 inches)
  • Made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
  • High, Medium, Low, SOS, and Strobe light modes
  • Waterproof and scratch resistant lens
  • Adjustable focusing beam with up to 2000x focus
  • Cree XM-L LED emitter
  • 100,000 lamp life with rechargeable batteries

XT808 Flashlight Pricing

Primitive Survivors, the same maker of the TL900 LED Headlamp (read our review of the TL900 Headlamp here), is advertising the XT808 Flashlight at 75% off retail price. We’re not sure how long this will last, but in the event you make it in time to purchase using the discount pricing, then the pricing is as follows:

  • 1 Flashlight: $56
  • 2 Flashlights: $97 (Save $15)
  • 3 Flashlights: $134 (Save $34)
  • 4 Flashlights: $169 (Save $55)
  • 5 Flashlights: $196 (Save $84)

Is the XT808 Flashlight Worth Buying?

From our experience with the XT808 Flashlight, we really like the brightness, various settings, and the reasonable price. We’ve purchased products from Primitive Survivors before as well and liked what we’ve seen, so buying this flashlight is a no-brainer.

We could see this flashlight being useful for hunters, outdoorsmen (and women), and for simply personal protection. We personally plan on using our flashlight as our everyday flashlight and keeping one for when we take an extended nature walk in the summer.

Regardless, we really like the XT808 flashlight and believe it’s one of the better – if not the best tactical flashlights on the market.

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