UV Safe 360 Review


uv safe 360The UV Safe 360 is a germicidal ultraviolet light that supposedly can sanitize surfaces by eliminating mold, germs, viruses, and harmful bacteria simply by deactivating their DNA. It is one of the few products of its’ kind on the market, and it’s a fairly new type of product based on our research.

We recently received the UV Safe 360 and decided to look at whether or not it really worked. Read our exclusive review to learn more.

What is the UV Safe 360?

According to the official website, the UV Safe 360 is an ultraviolet light sanitizer as well as a portable pathogen eliminator. It has a one second chemical free antiseptic that can deliver almost instantaneous results without harming the environment

Essentially, you wave a simple flash of the light over a surface that you want to eliminate viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. The ultra-strong UV light kills these pathogens almost instantly, leaving you with a safe, pathogen-free surface.

Supposedly, the UV Safe 360 (or devices like it) are used by doctors, in hospitals, and various other settings where pathogens are frequently present. However, it is presented as a way that makes you feel like anybody can use it. It’s only nine inches long and weighs almost nothing, so it is easily portable and can be taken on travels.

So what all can the UV Safe 360 eliminate? According to the official site, it can eliminate:

  • Odor
  • Mold
  • Fungus
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses

Is the UV Safe 360 a Scam?

We’ve gotten a lot of questions regarding the fact of whether or not the UV Safe 360 can actually work. We can answer this question very simply. This product is considered a germicidal lamp, that uses wavelength 253.7nm UV-C light, often referred to as germicidal light.

Wikipedia goes into tremendous detail about germicidal light and essential says that “germicidal light disrupts DNA base pairing causing the death of bacteria on exposed surfaces.” It’s really that simple.

So to answer the question – does the UV Safe 360 really work? Yes, and it’s safe too. We should note that shortwave UV light can be harmful, which is why a safety shield is included with every purchase of the germicidal lamp.

How to Buy the UV Safe 360

According to the official website, the price of this product depends on how many lights you order. While the price tag might seem steep at first, you have to remember that lights like these are expensive to produce. Give the current 75% discount off retail price, the UV Safe 360 is priced at:


  • 1 Light: $66
  • 2 Lights: $107
  • 3 Lights: $144
  • 4 Lights: $179
  • 5 Lights: $206
  • 10 Lights: $360
  • 15 Lights: $460
  • 20 Lights: $560

Is the UV Save 360 Worth it?

It’s rare that we find a product like this valuable, but we can see numerous uses where having a germicidal lamp would be beneficial. If you’re a parent with a newborn, work in a healthcare setting, work with kids, or just work in a cramped office and want to reduce the likelihood of getting sick, then this product is probably good for you.

Plus, given it’s relatively affordable price tag, we think the price tag is warranted, and science suggests it’s a very real and effective way to eliminate germs and pathogens.