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TL900 LED Headlamp Review

Whether you’re camping, hunting, exploring some caverns, or just otherwise in need of bright light, then the TL900 LED Headlamp is the perfect piece of gear to accommodate all of your lighting needs.

This hands-free device delivers a powerful light that can zoom 1x-2000x, depending on your individual needs. From the moment you try the TL900 Headlamp, you’ll realize it’s not your average headlamp.

Continue reading to learn more about the TL900 LED Headlamp and the company that manufacturers our #1 rated tactical headlamp.

About the TL900 LED Headlamp

The TL900 LED Headlamp is manufactured by a company known as Primitive Survivors. Primitive Survivors sells a variety of outdoor and survival gear (as the name would imply) and the TL900 is one of their featured products. In addition, they also sell the XT808 LED Flashlight, backpacks, tents, and plenty of other essential gear.

Get to know a little more about Primitive Survivors by connecting with them on Twitter and FaceBook.

Overall Quality & Durability – 5/5

From the moment you inspect and put on the headlamp, you’ll realize you’re working with a higher quality headlamp. We found the headlamp to be quite comfortable, and the nylon strap is thick and sturdy enough to weather the elements for years to come.

The battery pack in the pack was easy to open and use, and we had no trouble getting the headlamp to work. The strap is adjustable as well so you can fit it to adjust to the size of your head and the tightness you prefer.

Light Quality – 4.5/5


The TL900 Headlamp is a tactical headlamp, which inherently means the brightness is going to be much brighter than the average headlamp. However, we weren’t quite expecting it to deliver THAT much brightness.

Seriously, we were blown away by the T6 cree LED bulb that powers the head lens on the TL900. You can see feet in front of you as well as a decent area on your sides as well.

Compared to most other headlamps we tried, we felt the light quality was far superior, and that’s actually one of the key points we took away.

Price – 5/5

One thing we’ve been noticing about the price of these tactical headlamps is that they can cost $150, $200, or even more. This isn’t reasonable given the amount of times individuals will actually use these headlamps. Even if you’re the most avid adventurer, there’s no reason you should spend anymore than $80-100 on a tactical headlamp.

It appears that the TL900 Headlamp original retailed for around $200 BUT we found a deal online that enables customers to secure a headlamp for only $60.00. If you purchase more than one, say for a spouse, child, or a friend, or if you just want a spare, you can shave down the price per headlamp considerably. That’s good enough for us to say the TL900 tactical headlamp is basically a steal.

Overall Rating – 4.7/5

While there is always something someone can find wrong with an individual piece of gear, we’re very happy our overall experience with the TL900 LED Headlamp. The design is excellent, it appears to be durable, and the light quality is incredible.

Best of all, the value you get from purchasing the TL900 is incredible. We hate wasting money on inferior products, but priced at $60 (for a limited time), the TL900 headlamp is rated as our #1 tactical headlamp thanks to its’ overall value.

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