Inferno Tactical Lighter Review – Dual Beam Electric Lighter




The Inferno Lighter is a brand new lighter that advertisers itself as the “future of fire.” Instead of using butane, this lighter relies on an electric current to generate a flame for you to smoke or light something.

We know what you’re thinking, why don’t I just use a regular lighter? Our answer is simple – read our full review to find out.

How Does the Inferno Lighter Work?

You’re probably used to a regular lighter, which relies on butane to generate a flame. However, butane has recently come under fire as new studies suggest it is a carcinogen (cancer causing agent). This obviously can cause serious long-term health problems for you, which is why alternative lighters like the Inferno Lighter are popping up.

Instead of using butane as a fuel source, the Inferno Tactical Lighter just relies on electricity. When you activate the lighter using a small button on the side of the lighter, a solid current is created at the top of the lighter. You can then light your cigarette, cigar, paper, or whatever else you need to light instantly.

Inferno Tactical Lighter Features & Specsinferno tactical lighter 

So what exactly are the features of the Inferno Tactical Lighter? Here is what we could find according to the official website:

  • One-touch electric dual-beam lighting (no liquids to replace)
  • Re-chargeable through USB connection
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum zinc-alloy encasing
  • Eco-friendly flameless flame light
  • No potentially dangerous butane chemicals
  • Windproof
  • Waterproof

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What Makes the Inferno Lighter so Special?

You’re probably wondering, why should I switch from a regular lighter to an Inferno Lighter? We’ll keep things pretty simple by telling you this:

  • Inferno Lighters do not expose you to any butane or other potentially dangerous chemicals.
  • They’re rechargeable so you can always have a light as long as you have power or access to a USB charger.
  • They have a long battery life and when its all said and done, its more affordable to buy one inferno lighter than dozens of butane lighters.

Inferno Lighter Pricing

So how much does an Inferno Lighter cost? Keep in mind, because it’s rechargeable, it’s going to cost a lot more than your typical lighter, but when it’s all said and done, you’ll actually pay less by purchasing one of these lighters. Here is the current pricing:

  • 1 Lighter: $56
  • 3 Lighters: $117
  • 4 Lighters: $169
  • 5 Lighters: $145
  • 10 Lighters: $260
  • 15 Lighters: $375
  • 20 Lighters: $400

Overall, Inferno Tactical Lighters are an affordable, responsible, and safer way to light your cigarettes, cigars, or even to light a regular old fire. There are no dangerous chemicals so there’s no risk to your health, and the batteries last what seem like an eternity. There’s plenty of reasons to try Inferno Lighters, and we’ll be customers for life now after trying them out for ourselves.

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  1. Bought 3 of these for my family. We like to hike in the Rockies near Grand Lake Entrance Station. These should come in handy to make dinner and breakfast on our hikes.