Five Personal Protection Rules for the Survivalist




So shit has hit the proverbial fan and the world descends into chaos, one of the most important things you can know is the basic rules of personal protection. This doesn’t necessarily mean you knowing how to fight either – there’s much more to it. For example, knowing when and when not to pick a fight is much more important than knowing how to throw a haymaker.

Below are the five most important rules for personal protection to keep you alive during a crisis:

Rule #1 – Know when to fight and when to flee

Going on what we mentioned above, knowing how to pick your battles is far more important than knowing how to fight. Some fights just simply aren’t worth it.

If the risk outweighs the reward in any situation, it’s probably better to flee and get yourself out of the situation. You didn’t make the right decision if you end up dead, nor did you win the fight, so pick your battles wisely and stay alive.

Rule #2 – Always be in control of the situation

Usually, the person who controls the situation is the person who is going to end up victorious. Don’t let anybody else control the situation or you’ll put yourself in a losing position from the get go.

With that said, if somebody catches you off-guard and has you outnumbered and outgunned, you may be temporarily forced to give control of a situation. It may be unavoidable, and if it is, then you should relinquish control until you can find an opportunity to take back control.

Rule #3 – Hurt them first

If fighting is unavoidable, and you feel you’re in serious danger of bodily harm, then you’re going to have to make the split decision to hurt them first. Your goal may not necessarily require you seriously injure or hurt the attacker, but your goal should be to immobilize, and psychologically defeat anybody else who may be in a position to join the fight.

Rule #4 – Master situational awareness

0a901dbc4abc27343521eabbc9d0439bThe best way to prevent an attack on you and your party is to not put yourself in a situation where you may be attacked. This requires you master situational awareness, including things like.

  • Understanding body language. How a person is standing or looking can give you complete insight as to what he or she is about to do.
  • Keep an eye on the people who are around you. If someone is behaving strangely, there’s a possibility they may want to harm you down the road.
  • Understand the landscape and area that surrounds you. Avoid walking/traveling into corners that may leave you trapped. Always know where the exit points are in any building/location and know the fastest/easiest way to escape the general area.

Rule #5 – There are NO Rules

Unlike Fight Club, there are no rules to self defense. You should be ready and willing to do whatever is necessary to keep you alive. Whether that means fighting, using a weapon, or fleeing, you need to be ready to scratch, shoot, fight, or even bite your way out of a situation.

As we said, ending up dead means you’ve lost the fight, and normally the one who is more desperate is the one who ends up winning. Don’t be unprepared and don’t be unwilling to do WHATEVER is necessary to stay alive.