Eight Foods You Didn’t Know You Could Freeze




Food, water, protection – probably the three most important areas of prepping that most people put most of their focus on. Rightfully so too, given how important all three areas are. But just for a few minutes, let’s focus on just food.

While having a large stockpile of dry food (rice, flour, canned foods,etc.) is always smart, it’s a good idea to have frozen foods in your prepping as well. Thanks to our friends from SurvivalLife, we’ve got eight foods you should absolutely be stockpiling in your freezer that you may not have known you could freeze:

#1 – Eggs

It may sound disgusting, but it does work. Crack your eggs and in a freezer bag and store them in your freezer for later. It’s that simple and you’ve got a nutrient dense breakfast during an emergency.

#2 – Mashed Potatoes

Some cooks claim you can’t freeze mashed potatoes, but this isn’t actually true. Mashed Potatoes can stay good for a few months. Use an ice cream scooper and put scoops of mashed potatoes on parchment-lined cookie sheets. Freeze until hard then store in a freezer bag.

c9c1a791943a0eca3c7aacdb7643e5ed#3 – Rice

Pre-cook some rice and then store in a freezer bag. This provides you with a source of instant rice that is perfect to add to soups or casseroles.

#4 – Most Fruits

Most fruit freezes well for up to a year. However, we personally recommend you slice up the fruit first and then placing into freezer bags. This lets you pull out how much fruit you need without having to waste any good fruit by pulling out the whole fruit.

#5 – Cheese

If you let cheese thaw before you put it in the fridge after freezing, your cheese won’t become a crumbly mess. The key is to let it thaw completely though before you put it in the fridge. Otherwise, you’re going to have the mess that everyone hates.

#6 – Soups

I personally like to make soups/chili and freeze individual-sized and family-sized portions in my freezer. Not only do these make great emergency meals, but they’re perfect for when you are in a pinch and dont have time to make anything. Keep in mind, noodles do not freeze well. However, rice is perfectly okay to freeze.

#7 – Cooked meat

Protein is important in a survival situation – afterall, it’s what keeps your muscles from wasting away. Having some cooked meat available is essential to any solid freezer for emergency food. Don’t get caught with your pants down when the power goes out – have a handy source of frozen cooked meat and you’ll thank yourself later.

#8 – Juice/Milk

Milk and most juices can be frozen for a long-period of time, provided you leave room for expansion. We recommend taking about half a cup of juice or milk out just to be safe. The last thing you want is to forget to leave enough room. That’s a surefire way to break your container and to waste your milk or juice.